Gynectrol Review

Gynectrol is a supplement that is gathering a great deal of attention from bodybuilders, athletes, and even those who have lost a great deal of weight but aren’t necessarily pursuing an athletic lifestyle. Gynectrol isn’t a testosterone booster, it isn’t specifically a diet pill, and it isn’t a high performance athletic supplement. If it isn’t any of these things, why is it so popular? The answer is that it helps combat one of the most frustrating problems male exercise enthusiasts experience. Specifically, it helps reduce the appearance of male-body breasts.

What is Gynecomastia?

Moobs happen, and they’re awful. The scientific term is gynecomastia, an overdeveloped kind of breast tissue in males. Caused by an imbalance in the body’s estrogen and testosterone hormones, the condition tends to disproportionately affect men who are engaging in athletic or bodybuilding exercise. It is also linked to the testosterone unbalancing effects of anabolic steroids. Finally, some of the most surprised victims are  those who were struggling with their weight, began heavy physical training to combat it, and developed moobs once the majority of their weight was shed.

The male gynecomastia condition is not merely an aesthetic one. Most men with the condition find it distracting and upsetting, and psychological distress is a frequent side effect of the condition. This is compounded that the growths tend to be asymmetrical, with one false breast being larger than the other, leading to body-image concerns. In addition, breasts growing where they were not growing before can cause a sense of inflammation and pain in the affected tissues. In short, having the condition is unpleasant, uncomfortable, and for many, unacceptable.

What is Gynectrol?

Gynectrol is an all-natural supplement specifically designed by the fine folks at Crazy Bulk to help people struggling with excessive male breast tissue. It isn’t a magic feather or placebo, it’s made with a formula aimed at helping you get right at the problem causing the unsightly breast fat.

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The Formula Ingredients – How does Gynectrol Work?

Of course all sorts of supplements out there make big claims. People seeking real solutions can be forgiven for being skeptical about the ones Gynectrol is making. So let’s have a look at the ingredients listed, and why they should be taken seriously.

1. Caffeine

First on the Gynectrol ingredients list is one of the most common, most effective compounds on the planet, which is good old caffeine. Caffeine has its obvious benefits, increasing alertness and letting people get more out of their natural energy levels, but it offers so much more thank that.

The most important thing caffeine does to help the body fight gynecomastia is initiating the body’s lipolysis process. The short explanation of lipolysis is that fatty acids are transferred to the bloodstream, which is where they are broken down and converted to energy. From our nutritionist friends we know that excess calories are stored as body fat, and the largest part of moobs comes from an unusual placement of such fats. Burn the fats throughout the body, and the moobs will be targeted as well.

The rise in energy that comes with a caffeine boost is also very helpful to those who are working out. Steady exercise on a regular basis is a cornerstone in getting the body to burn fat. Combining workouts with the higher energy and lipolytic effect of the caffeine can help you seriously cut back on the stored fats in your body, once again helping reduce the fats that store themselves on the male chest.

2. Chromium

Next up is Chromium. This is an interesting little mineral that has some effects related to the control of blood sugar, helping the body use energy more efficiently, and in building muscle. This Gynectrol ingredient  is the key element, as one of the best ways to reduce the appearance of gynecomastia is to build upper body muscle as you burn body fat. It isn’t as dramatic an effect as the caffeine has, but in conjunction they are greater than the sum of their parts.

3. Guggulsterones

Guggulsterone is a thyroid stimulator. The thyroid plays an important part in regulating body weight and fat production. Specifically, Guggulsterones can help stimulate the thyroid into causing the body to break down adipose tissues and fats. As the chromium helps your body build healthy muscle, the Guggulsterones can help the body reduce the fats, again showing how two gynectrol ingredients can work on the same problem from different angles.

4. Green Tea Extract

Finally there is Green Tea Extract. This may sound like something of a hippie solution, but the thermogenic properties of several compounds in green tea have been well documented. Simply put, green tea extract helps turn on the fat-burning processes in your body, helping reduce the unsightly tissue buildup behind moobs.

So in summary, Gynectrol pills attack the problem of moobs from two major angles. The first is that they help stimulate the body’s fat-burning efforts, the second is that they enhance the ability to work out and the effects of those workouts. Working in concert, these effects mean that the presence of male breast tissue can be significantly reduced at a much greater rate than with exercise alone.

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Is Gynectrol Safe?

The ingredients in Gynectrol are 100% naturally sourced. They aren’t highly concentrated, synthetic compounds produced by a big pharma company. However, just because something is natural does not mean it is automatically safe. Side effects and drug interactions are possible, so is Gynectrol safe to use? For that, let’s look once again at the ingredients and their most common side effects and interactions with common medications.

Gynectrol Side Effects


While most doctors consider caffeine to be safe in general usage, high doses or higher doses than are usually taken can cause certain aggravated symptoms. In particular those with bleeding disorders, diabetes, or epilepsy should exercise extreme care when taking caffeine. It can also cause insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness in general.

That said, each of these conditions is something that patients should be discussing with a doctor in any case. Further, avoiding restlessness and sleeplessness from a dose of caffeine is easily managed by taking the pill earlier in the day, preferably in conjunction with a good workout.


Once again, patients with diabetes should speak with a doctor before using a supplement with Chromium as a Gynectrol ingredient. In sufficient doses, it can cause low blood sugar. With proper management however, this is a very rare problem.


Guggulestrone can have an exacerbating effect on the body’s ability to form blood clots, making bleeding disorders worse. Again however, such conditions are extremely rare, and it will not cause bleeding disorders on its own.

In summary, anyone who tells you that a supplement has no chance of causing side effects is lying to you. However, risk has to be put into context. The side effects of the ingredients in Gynectrol can happen, but they happen in very specific cases, or for people with particular conditions. The risk is easily managed by having a frank and honest discussion with one’s doctor before beginning a Gynectrol regimen.

How to Use Gynectrol to Get Rid of Moobs in a Month

Any tool can be useful, but a hammer is better at driving in nails than a rock is. This is because it is the right tool, used in the right way. The same is true of Gynectrol. The ingredients of this breast reduction supplement are good, effective tools to help fight gynecomastia. However, they receive their best benefit when Gynectrol is taken in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle changes.

Step 1

– Speak to your doctor about your desire to reduce your gynecomastia, and about your desire to take Gynectrol. If they clear you to do so, begin taking the supplement.

Step 2

– Change your eating habits. This doesn’t have to be a massive change, simply find a way to reduce your sugar intake by a few grams per day, to reduce the excess energy your body has to convert to fat.

Step 3

– Begin a healthy workout regimen, combining fat-burning cardio exercise with muscle-building strength training.

Adhering to this is an excellent way to seriously reduce the impact of your moobs within a month’s time. It is not guaranteed to work for everyone, or work for everyone at the same rate. However, every success story begins with smart decisions, and combining Gynectrol with healthier diet and healthy exercise is a very smart decision indeed.

Where To Buy Gynectrol?

Gynectrol can be ordered through the Crazy Bulk official website. They offer frequent deals to help you make the most of any purchase, as well. The current deal at the time of this writing is a buy two get one free offer on supplements. Getting three months of pills for the price of two is a solid investment in your supplement health regime.